Dissertation Announcements
  Student Name:   Volpe, Frank
  College:   Education
  Department:   Individual Family and Community Education
  Dissertation Title:  
The Role of Academic Motivation in Predicting Performance on the Northwest Evaluation Associations Measure of Academic Progress. Mindsets: Incremental vs. Entity Beliefs about Intelligence.

  Date:  May 03, 2016
  Time:   11:00 am
  Location:   Simpson Hall, Room 135
  Committee Chair:   Terri Flowerday
  Committee Members:
  • Martin Jones
  • Jan Armstrong
  • Allison Borden

  Student Name:   Vaughan, Erin
  College:   Engineering
  Department:   Nuclear Engineering
  Dissertation Title:  
Thin Film AlSb Carrier Transport Properties and Nuclear Radiation Response.

  Date:  May 06, 2016
  Time:   2:00 pm
  Location:   FEC 145
  Committee Chair:   Adam A. Hecht
  Committee Members:
  • Ganesh Balakrishnan
  • Ashwani K. Sharma
  • Cassiano de Oliveira

  Student Name:   Sanchez, Lisa
  College:   Arts & Sciences
  Department:   Political Science
  Dissertation Title:  
Latino Ideology, Congressional Polarization, and Racial Threat: An Analysis of the Influence of Latino Voters on Congressional Politics.

  Date:  May 10, 2016
  Time:   10:00 am
  Location:   Political Science Department
  Committee Chair:   Micchael Rocca
  Committee Members:
  • Gabriel Sanchez
  • Timothy Krebs
  • Matt Barreto

  Student Name:   Murphy, Kina
  College:   Arts and Sciences
  Department:   Biology
  Dissertation Title:  
Mitigating the impacts of humans land-use change on biodiversity: With a Focus on Large Migratory Herbivores.

  Date:  May 11, 2016
  Time:   10:00 am
  Location:   Cast 107
  Committee Chair:   Scott Collins
  Committee Members:
  • Marcy Litvak
  • Blair Wolf
  • Kevin Kirkman

  Student Name:   Levine, Rebekah
  College:   Arts & Sciences
  Department:   Earth and Planetary Sciences
  Dissertation Title:  
The Influence of Beaver Activity on Modern and Holocene Fluvial Landscape Dynamics in Southwestern Montana.

  Date:  May 11, 2016
  Time:   9:30 am
  Location:   Northrop Hall, Room 105
  Committee Chair:   Grant Meyer
  Committee Members:
  • Leslie McFadden
  • Peter Fawcett
  • Mark Stone

  Student Name:   Pardi, Melissa
  College:   Arts & Sciences
  Department:   Biology
  Dissertation Title:  
A Multidimensional Investigation of the Niche Geographic Distributions, Body Size, and Interspecific Interactions of the Late Quaternary North American Canidae.

  Date:  May 11, 2016
  Time:   1:00 pm
  Location:   Castetter Hall, Room 258
  Committee Chair:   Felisa Smith
  Committee Members:
  • Seth Newsome
  • Sherry Nelson
  • Sara Lyons

  Student Name:   Crawford, Jennifer
  College:   Arts & Sciences
  Department:   Psychology
  Dissertation Title:  
Competing Goals: The Effect of Social Expectations on Womens Judgments of and Responses to Sexual Victimizations Risk.

  Date:  May 12, 2016
  Time:   10:00 am
  Location:   Quad-L Library, Logan Hall, 226
  Committee Chair:   Elizabeth Yeater
  Committee Members:
  • Jane Ellen Smith
  • Katie Witkiewitz
  • Angela Bryan

  Student Name:   Lara, Sandra E.
  College:   Arts & Sciences
  Department:   History
  Dissertation Title:  
Crimes Against The Order Of The Family, Public Morality, and Decency: Sexual Violence & Jurisprudence In Coahuila, Mexico, 1871-1931.

  Date:  May 25, 2016
  Time:   1:00 pm
  Location:   1104 Mesa Vista Hall-History Common Room
  Committee Chair:   Kimberly Gauderman
  Committee Members:
  • Linda B. Hall
  • Barbara Reyes
  • Sonya Lipsett-Rivera