Dissertation Announcements
  Student Name:   Sugaya, Satomi
  College:   Arts & Sciences
  Department:   Physics and Astronomy
  Dissertation Title:  
The Smoluchowski Equation in Population Dynamics and the Spread of Infection.

  Date:  February 08, 2016
  Time:   3:30 pm
  Location:   PandA, Room 1131
  Committee Chair:   V.M. Kenkre
  Committee Members:
  • David Dunlap
  • Keith Lidke
  • Melanie Moses

  Student Name:   Hunter, Michael A.
  College:   Arts & Sciences
  Department:   Psychology
  Dissertation Title:  
Expanding Your Cognitive Capacity: An Assessment Of The Neuroplastic Changes Associated With Mindfulness Training and Transcranial Stimulation.

  Date:  February 11, 2016
  Time:   12:30 pm
  Location:   Logan Hall, Room 226
  Committee Chair:   Vincent Clark
  Committee Members:
  • Katie Witkiewitz
  • Vince Calhoun
  • Eric Schumacher

  Student Name:   Ismari, Dylan
  College:   Engineering
  Department:   ECE
  Dissertation Title:  
Detecting Delay Anomalies Introduced by Hardware Trojans using Chip-Averaging and an On-Chip High Resolution Embedded Test Structure.

  Date:  February 15, 2016
  Time:   1:00 pm
  Location:   ECE, Room 118
  Committee Chair:   Jim Plusquellic
  Committee Members:
  • Payman Zarkesh-Ha
  • Fareena Saqib
  • Raj Chakraborty

  Student Name:   Pappas, Harry C.
  College:   Engineering
  Department:   Nanoscience & Microsystems
  Dissertation Title:  
An Evaluation of Phenylene Ethynylenes and their interactions with Pathogenic Microbes.

  Date:  March 11, 2016
  Time:   10:00 am
  Location:   Centennial Engineering Center, Room 3031
  Committee Chair:   David Whitten
  Committee Members:
  • Aaron Neumann
  • David Keller
  • Linnea Ista

  Student Name:   Muldoon, Deidre
  College:   Education
  Department:   Educational Specialties
  Dissertation Title:  
Using Collaborative Work Groups to Improve Teachers Use of Evidence Based on Practices for Students of Disruptive Behavior.

  Date:  March 25, 2016
  Time:   11:00 am
  Location:   Tech, Room 230
  Committee Chair:   Susan Copeland
  Committee Members:
  • Ruth Luckasson
  • Julia Scherba de Valenzuela
  • Michael Dougher

  Student Name:   Vander Kaaden, Kathleen
  College:   Arts & Sciences
  Department:   Earth and Planetary Sciences
  Dissertation Title:  
Experimental Investigation Into The Thermal and Magmatic Evolution of Mercury.

  Date:  April 21, 2016
  Time:   3:00 pm
  Location:   Northrop Hall, Room 116
  Committee Chair:   Francis McCubbin
  Committee Members:
  • Carl Agee
  • Karen Zeigler
  • Tobias Fischer
  • Nancy Chabot