Dissertation Announcements
  Student Name:   Crosby, Linka
  College:   Education
  Department:   Language, Literacy & Sociocultural Studies
  Dissertation Title:  
A Case of Study on Non-Native English Speaking International University Students Participating in a Community of Practice.

  Date:  October 25, 2016
  Time:   10:00 am
  Location:   TECH 260
  Committee Chair:   Sylvia Celedon-Pattichis
  Committee Members:
  • Julia Scherba de Valenzuela
  • Ruth Trinidad Galvan
  • Pisarn Chamcharatsri
  • Deborah Cole

  Student Name:   Hill, Erica
  College:   Arts & Sciences
  Department:   Communication & Journalism
  Dissertation Title:  
Transformations: A Photovoice Assessment of Transgender Peoples Wellness in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  Date:  October 26, 2016
  Time:   12:00 pm
  Location:   CJ, Room 219
  Committee Chair:   Tema Milstein
  Committee Members:
  • Tamar Ginossar
  • Magdalena Avila
  • Karen Foss

  Student Name:   Balk, Meghan Anne
  College:   Arts & Sciences
  Department:   Biology
  Dissertation Title:  
Where the Wild Things Are: Investigating Body Size as an Adaptation for Persistence.

  Date:  October 28, 2016
  Time:   3:00 pm
  Location:   CAST 100
  Committee Chair:   Felisa Smith
  Committee Members:
  • Craig McClain
  • Gene Hunt
  • Seth Newsome

  Student Name:   Shumaker, Thomas
  College:   Arts & Sciences
  Department:   History
  Dissertation Title:  
Refuge, Resistance, and Rebellion: Humanism and the Middle Way in the French Wars of Religion.

  Date:  November 02, 2016
  Time:   2:00 pm
  Location:   1104 Mesa Vista Hall
  Committee Chair:   Charlie Steen
  Committee Members:
  • Patricia Risso
  • Linda Hall
  • Marina Peters-Newell

  Student Name:   Wiest, Elani F.
  College:   Biomedical Health Sciences
  Department:   Biomedical Sciences
  Dissertation Title:  
The Role of Fatty Acids and Cigarette Smoke Toxicants in Cigarette Smoke-Induced Cardiovascular Disease.

  Date:  November 03, 2016
  Time:   9:00 am
  Location:   DOM West B 116, UNM HSC Campus
  Committee Chair:   Mary K. Walker
  Committee Members:
  • Joe Anderson
  • Nancy Kanagy
  • Matthew Campen

  Student Name:   Taylor, Aaron C.
  College:   Arts & Sciences
  Department:   Physics and Astronomy
  Dissertation Title:  
Search for New Physics Processes with Heavy Quark Signatures in the ATLAS Experiment.

  Date:  November 04, 2016
  Time:   10:00 am
  Location:   Room 4 in the Physics Building
  Committee Chair:   Sally Seidel
  Committee Members:
  • Huaiyu "Mike" Duan
  • Douglas Fields
  • Bruce Schumm
  • Pavel Reznicek