Dissertation Announcements
  Student Name:   Chu, Fei Hung
  College:   Engineering
  Department:   Electrical and Computer Engineering
  Dissertation Title:  
Simulation of Strongly Injection-Locked Semiconductor Ring Lasers.

  Date:  November 30, 2015
  Time:   9:00 am
  Location:   CHTM, Room 101
  Committee Chair:   Marek Osinksi
  Committee Members:
  • Ganesh Balakrishnan
  • Nader Naderi
  • Gennady Smolyakov

  Student Name:   Levy, Scott
  College:   Engineering
  Department:   Computer Science
  Dissertation Title:  
Using Rollback Avoidance to Mitigate Failures in Next-Generation Extreme-Scale Systems.

  Date:  December 01, 2015
  Time:   3:00 pm
  Location:   FEC 141
  Committee Chair:   Patrick Bridges
  Committee Members:
  • Dorian Arnold
  • Kurt Ferreira
  • David Lowenthal

  Student Name:   Smith, Mark Joseph
  College:   Education
  Department:   OILS
  Dissertation Title:  
Adding Debriefing to Objective Structured Clinical Examinations to Enhance Disability Cultural Sensitivity in Pharmacy Students.

  Date:  December 01, 2015
  Time:   2:15 pm
  Location:   HSC Domenici, Room B112
  Committee Chair:   Robert Grassberger
  Committee Members:
  • Patricia Boverie
  • James Nawarska
  • Mikiko Yamada

  Student Name:   Gonzalez-Granja, Juan Carlos
  College:   Arts & Sciences
  Department:   Spanish and Portuguese
  Dissertation Title:  
Del entusiasmo al desencanto: ironia y modermidad en la obra de tres poetas tzantzicos

  Date:  December 04, 2015
  Time:   10 AM
  Location:   Ortega Hall, Room 335
  Committee Chair:   Eleuterio Santiago-Diaz
  Committee Members:
  • Susan Rivera
  • Tey Diana Rebolledo
  • Julio Ramos